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▪  Talent Management/Retention
▪  Project Management Solutions
▪  Quality/Six Sigma/Lean Engineering
▪  Ethics/Compliance/Risk
▪  Meetings/Events/Conferences
▪  Marketing/Advertising/Promotion
▪  Creativity/Innovation
▪  Communications/Public Relations
▪  Public Policy/Social Programs
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▪  Healthcare Initiatives

                  ​Evaluation and ROI

​                     Introduction

                      We assist you to count the things that count, not everything

                     that can be counted. 

                      Our evaluation methodology is based on Return On Investment

                     (ROI) methodology. In our team, we have Certified Return On

                    Investment Professionals (CRP) which have been trained and

                    certified by the International ROI Institute.

                      At GVEX, we work as international associates for ROI International.

                    Our role is to conduct training workshops and to design, plan,

                    implement and report on Evaluation and Return On Investment

                    analysis within public and private sector.

​                     The ROI Methodology is a scalable and systematic approach to

                    program evaluation. Using a process model, five-level framework

                    and operating standards to capture performance metrics from simple

                    satisfaction scores to financial impact; the methodology enables you to collect appropriate data to report performance of a

                    variety  of initiatives and program types.

                     The ROI Methodology generates both qualitative and quantitative data and provides techniques to isolate the effects of

                    the program from other influences – resulting in credible metrics and ROI reports accepted by financial executives and


                     Our Solutions Include

                       Our Evaluation Framework has three main elements as listed below:

                               ▪    Initial Assessment: Need Assessment at five levels
 (Payoff needs, Business needs, Performance needs,

                                    Learning needs, Input needs).
                               ▪    Business Alignment and forecasting: Objective Setting at five levels
(ROI objectives, Impact objectives,

                                    Application objectives, Learning objectives, Reaction objectives and Input objectives).
                               ▪    Measurement and Evaluation Process: Data collection planning, implementation, analysis and reporting to the

                                    key stakeholders.

                     The Global Value Expanders Strategy Advantage  

                        ROI is the most used and implemented evaluation system in the world.
                      The step-by-step process for developing Impact and ROI studies for programs, projects, and solutions is being used in

                       the following areas​ 

                                      ▪  Human Resources/Human Capital 

                                      ▪  Training/Learning/Development

                                      ▪  Leadership/Coaching/Mentoring

                                      ▪  Knowledge Management/Transfer

                                      ▪  Organization Development/Consulting

                                      ▪  Policies/Procedures/Processes

                                      ▪  Recognition/Incentives/Engagement

                                      ▪  Change Management/Culture

                                      ▪  Technology/Systems/IT

                                      ▪  Green Projects/Sustainability Projects

                                      ▪  Safety/Health/Fitness Programs