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                         Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI G4)

                              This course provides participants with the knowledge to start or enhance their organizations sustainability reporting                                           projects through providing a relevant overview of sustainability reporting frameworks and best practices. Additionally,                                           participants will 
gain an enhanced  ability to assess and evaluate other organization’s sustainability reports.

                              This course also provide participants with knowledge of analyzing corporate sustainability reporting and                                                              performance, materiality analysis, design and facilitation of stakeholder engagement, GRI's five-phase sustainability                                          reporting process, Sustainability assurance, and best sustainability reporting practice.

                         What is the value of sustainability reporting

                                            ▪   The value of sustainability reporting, frameworks for reporting, the Global Reporting Initiative,

                                                 Regulatory reporting, Relationship to investor relations, How to prepare a Sustainability report,

                                                 Materiality Assessment, Best Practices, and Verification.
                                            ▪    The types of sustainability reports
                                            ▪    Regulatory Reporting in Canada
                                            ▪    Integrated reporting/standardization
                                            ▪    Best practices in sustainability reporting
                                            ▪    Materiality Analysis
                                            ▪   GRI's five-phase sustainability reporting process

                         Workshop duration

                                 Two days (12 hours)


                         Course Registration

                                To arrange for an in house training or to acquire our training calendar please contact us via sending email to:


                         Course price         
                                 CAD $875 + HST