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Health Care Services        


          Healthcare Quality Framework-SOAPEE

            ▪ Patient Safety

            ▪ Patient Outcome

            ▪  Access (Horizontal and Vertical)

            ▪ Patient Experience Management

            ▪ Efficiency

            ▪ Equity

          Patient Flow  

          Patient Referral Management

          Hospital Length of Stay Reduction

With a demographic shift and increase of life  expectancy, there are new challenges for the healthcare system to meet the needs Public is demanding better outcome and more accessible     healthcare system with no promise to pay more. Thousands of new therapeutic procedure  and  technological innovation are introduced to healthcare while many effective  therapies are generally under-penetrated. 

At GVEX, we work closely with healthcare policy makers, executives​ and clinicians to apply customized innovative solutions to improve patients’ experience, accelerate access to timely services and keep the system economically sustainable.