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                        Lean Gold Exam Preparation Course


                            Lean Gold Certification by ASQ/SME recognizes your education and training in all aspects of lean transformation

                           across an entire enterprise. It represents career progression to a point of influence and authority over assets,

                           processes, and people.

                             Lean Gold Certification focuses on the strategic transformation of an entire enterprise. The Lean Gold Certificate is

                           the highest form of Society of Manufacturing Engineers certification a Lean professional can get.

                           Ranking at the top of the SME certifications, Gold certification provides a higher level, strategic Lean credential.

                           Compared to the Lean Silver Certification program, Gold certification focuses more on leadership skills.

                           What industry needs the training?

                              Lean Certification is an industry-leading certification program that provides individuals, companies, and educators

                            with a comprehensive  and effective road map for professional and workforce development that aligns with industry

                            recognized standards.
                              It is an evolutionary journey where your knowledge and experience work together to create a depth of expertise

                            upon which you can keep building. It weaves innovative ways of thinking and doing business with real-world

                            applications and results. Lean Certification not only helps you attain the knowledge, it validates it.

                           Who should attend the course?

                             You must first complete the requirements and earn your Lean Bronze Certification and Lean Silver Certification

                            before advancing to Lean Gold Certification.
                           Course Info

                             36 hours in class training/ Workshop

​                           Register for the Lean Gold Training Course

                             To arrange for an in house training or to acquire our training calendar please contact us via sending email to:

                           Lean Gold Exam Preparation Course costs

                             CAD $1950 + HST