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                       Lean Supply Chain (LSC)


                              Supply chain management is a business approach that focuses on integration and partnerships in order to meet

                             customers’ needs in a timely manner, with relevant and high-quality products, produced and delivered in a

                             cost-effective manner. The course explains the importance of supply chain design and the design process itself.  

                             All students also learn theories, methods, and techniques (Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Just-in-Time,

                             Lean, TOC (Theory of Constraints) and how they apply to supply chain management strategies and problem solving.

                           What industry needs  (the training)?

                                 In today's competitive environment, managing the supply chain and effectively controlling supply chain costs is critical

                               for business. This has created a demand for many industries to effectively manage and improving the performance of

                               their supply chain using up-to-date tools, processes and technology with lean philosophy.

                           Who should attend the course?

                                  If you are a supply chain professional, consultant or seeking a career in this growing field, acquire a broad overview of

                                how different parts of the supply chain fit together and the critical role they play in the success of all organizations. Upon

                                completion of Lean Supply chain, individuals will be afforded the knowledge necessary to effectively manage the supply

                                chain process from planning, sourcing, producing and delivering the product or service.

                           Course Info

                                   5 days in class training/ Workshop

​                           Register for the LSC Training Course

                             To arrange for an in house training or to acquire our training calendar please contact us via sending email to:

                           CPGP Exam Preparation Course costs

                                     CAD $2000 + HST