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             Management System

                   Over the last 20 years, GVEX founders have implemented over

                   100 successful quality management systems in many different

                   fields and industries such as financial, manufacturing,

                   health care, government, and non-governmental organizations.

                   Additionally, they have trained and certified over 15,000 auditors

                   in ISO series standards and non ISO series standards as well as

                   management systems such as OHSAS, ROI and EFQM.

                   " GVEX founders have mastered the science and art of

                     sustainable  management systems implementation

                     in the market across the globe."

                      Our founders’ deep understanding of standard models set as

                      a guideline is  GVEX’s other strength in quality and systems training.


                     Areas of Expertise
                     Our approaches and solutions to your individual issues come from the following methods:

                      ▪ Conducting internal and supplier audits, conformity audits in the organization and compliance audits across the supply chain.

                      ▪ Quality management system implementation, improvement and maintenance such as ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.

                      ▪ Implementation, internal audit and preparation for external audit for the NQI Excellence Canada Award, Malcolm Baldrige

                           Quality Award, and European Foundation Quality Management (EFQM).

                      ▪ Consulting companies to upgrade current Quality Management Systems to more current versions such as ISO  9001:2008

                           to ISO 9001:2015.

                      ▪ Setting up Corrective Action/Preventive Actions (CAPA) and review results.

                      ▪ Custom-made training and staff uptake and application assessment.

                      ▪ Optimizing organizational productivity, efficiency, and profitability employing tools such as Six  Sigma, Kaizen and Theory of                                              Constraints.

                      ▪ Organizational evaluation, using models such as ROI (Return of Investment), EFQM (European Foundation for Quality                                                  Management), Logic Model and Balanced Score Card.

                    GVEX Advantages
                      We assist our clients to apply best practice models, management standards and regulations in a manner that adds value to the                                 organization enabling them to achieve their organization’s business excellent goals.We believe in agile collaborative solution                                     design and project 
management which can be  a challenge but a potential  opportunity for success when done effectively. We                                   use our skills to analyze valuable information, our expertise to help our partners’ decision making process, and “Together Soar                                 Higher”. ​​