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                       Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Professional (CPGP)


                              The Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Professional understands the GMP principles as regulated and guided

                             by national and international agencies for the pharmaceutical industry.  This covers finished human and

                             veterinary drugs and biologics, ectoparasitacides, and dietary supplements (alternatively called nutraceuticals

                             where regulated as drug products, as well as their component raw materials (includes active pharmaceutical

                             ingredients (APIs) and excipients), and packaging, and labeling operations.

                          What industry the CPGP’s work in?

                                                              ▪  Pharmaceutical Companies
                                                              ▪  Cosmetic Companies
                                                              ▪  Medical Device Companies

                          Who should become CPGP certified?

                             Professionals working in quality assurance and product safety areas as well as production managers and

                            supervisors benefit the most from this certification.

                          CPGP Exam Preparation Course Info

                            21 hours in class training

​                          Register for the CPGP Training Course

                            To arrange for an in house training or to acquire our training calendar please contact us via sending email to:

                          CPGP Exam Preparation Course costs

                             CAD $495 + HST