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                       Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) 


                                The Certified Quality Auditor is a professional who understands the standards and principles of auditing

                               and the auditing techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting to determine a quality

                               system’s adequacy and deficiencies.

                                The Certified Quality Auditor analyzes all elements of a quality system and judges its degree of adherence

                               to the criteria of industrial management and quality evaluation and control systems.

                           What industry the CQA’s work in?​

                                   Industries Below is a list of industries that historically have maintained a Quality System:

                                                              ▪     Automotive

                                                              ▪     Aviation, Space & Defense
                                                              ▪     Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
                                                              ▪     Biomedical (Medical Devices)
                                                              ▪     Industrial Equipment
                                                              ▪     Energy Industry (Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Chemical, etc.)
                                                              ▪     Engineering & Construction Firms
                                                              ▪     Food, Drug & Cosmetics

​                           Who should become CQA certified?

                                Experienced auditors and anyone who is planning to sit for ASQ’s Certified Quality Auditor exam will benefit

                               from this program. Financial auditors, auditors of safety programs, and others would also benefit from this program.

                           CQA Concepts and Principles

                                    ▪   Understand the CQA Body of Knowledge.
                                    ▪   Prepare to sit for and pass the CQA exam.
                                    ▪   Understand audit fundamentals, audit processes, auditor competencies, audit program and business application,

                                        and quality tools and techniques.
                                    ▪   Analyze elements of a quality system.
                                    ▪   Determine a quality system’s adherence to requirements of industrial management and quality evaluation and

                                        control systems.

                           CQA Exam Preparation Course Info

                               Course length is 26 hours.
                                     Note:  This class is designed for experienced auditors and others seeking preparation for taking the CQA exam.

                                                It is not intended as a beginner’s basic auditing class. The Certified Quality Auditor Refresher training,

                                                developed and delivered by the ASQ Audit Division, is a two and a half day course designed and taught

                                                to help experienced auditors become better prepared for the CQA exam.

​                           Register for the CQA Training Course

                               To arrange for an in house training or to acquire our training calendar please contact us via sending email to:

                           CQA Exam Preparation Course costs 

                               CAD $670 + HST