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                      Scheduling and Inventory Management (SIM)


                                Course introduces the student to Production Planning and Inventory Management, the important management

                              process and set of disciplines that are coordinated to ensure that the organization consistently meets the requirements

                              of the production system.

                         What industry needs  the training?

                                In today's competitive environment, managing the supply chain and effectively controlling supply chain costs is

                              critical for business. The purpose of this process is to specify the optimal combination of production rate, the workforce

                              level, and inventory on hand. Scheduling and Inventory Management demonstrates the differences between Forward

                              and Backward Scheduling in the context of a simple MRP scheduling system and Just-in-Time (JIT).

                         Who should attend the course?

                                Global hyper competitive market created a demand for employees with current skills and knowledge on how to

                              effectively manage the supply chain using up-to-date tools, processes and technology. Scheduling and Inventory                                                     Management provides you with a solid grounding in important business skills.
                               As a graduate of this course, you will be prepared for a career as an analyst, manager or specialist in such

                              departments as material management, logistics, and warehousing.

                         Course Info

                               4 days in class training/ Workshop

​                         Register for the SIM Training Course

                           To arrange for an in house training or to acquire our training calendar please contact us via sending email to:

                         SIM Exam Preparation Course costs

                                  CAD $1400 + HST