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            Supply chain Management

                  Supply chain management is the integration of key business

                 processes from end user through original suppliers that provide

                 products, services, and information that  add value for customers

                 and other stakeholders an includes movement of products from

                 suppliers to manufacturers to distributors, but also includes

                 movement of information, funds, and products in both directions.
                  GVEX Supply Chain Solutions consulting team offers real-world

                 strategic direction and guidance to small, medium and large

                 companies, organizations, and governments that need to align their

                 supply chain processes and operations with their business strategies.

                 Increasingly, the supply chain is leveraged to cost reduction, flexibility,

                 reliability, and sustainability.

                  To help achieve these results, our consulting team uses leading practice

                 methodologies such as Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) mapping

                 that can quickly align internal and external resources with changing market demands,customers’ requirements,

                 and critical conditions.

                 GVEX Supply Chain Solutions consulting includes:

                                   ▪  Lean supply chain
                                   ▪  Strategic sourcing
                                   ▪  Supplier relationships management
                                   ▪  Demand Forecasting
                                   ▪  Supply chain planning
                                   ▪  Inventory management
                                   ▪  Supply Chain integration
                                   ▪  Information management
                   By data analyzing and understanding information, bench marking, maintaining best practices, and establishing                                                    metrics, 
GVEX brings your supply chain strategy to life and synchronize your strategies with supply chain operations,                                            processes and clear  governance.

                   Supply Chain Courses