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                        Sustainability Management

                          Learning Outcomes & Objectives

                              Sustainability Management offers information, tools, techniques and tactics that will help Sustainability professional and

                             businesses to move sustainability forward and deal with the challenges upon us. Sustainability is of strategic importance

                             to a business. This course makes a strong case for why actions are essential and how sustainability will assist a business

                             to thrive in competitive marketplaces.

                              This course will identify and analyze key sustainability problems that society and businesses faces today and in future.

                             Also, it  provides participants with an overview of Global Reporting Initiatives. The course includes:

                                                ▪     Sustainability Leadership
                                                ▪     Link to financial performance
                                                ▪     Employee engagement
                                                ▪     Benefits: Why sustainability matters
                                                ▪     Global Reporting Initiatives overview
                                                ▪     Variety of sustainability standards including ISO 26000, ISO 14001, SA 8000, Fair trade, and more
                                                ▪     UN Global Compact
                                                ▪     Sustainability gap analysis
                                                ▪     Stakeholder engagement
                                                ▪     Sustainability networks
                                                ▪     Strategies and approaches
                                                ▪     Best practices in sustainability management

                          Workshop duration


                             Two days (12 hours)

                          Course Registration

                            To arrange for an in house training or to acquire our training calendar please contact us via sending email to:


                          Course price              

                              CAD $425 + HST