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                        Sustainability training courses and workshops


                            Before getting to know about the exciting courses we offer, you might wish to have answered
some of the

                          common-yet important questions about how these effective training could benefit you and your organization.

                          Here are the top three questions have been  asked, as far as financial and employment outcomes are concerned.

                         What are the actual job opportunities in sustainability?

                            According to reliable reports, over 50,000 Canadian practitioners spend 50% or more of their time on activities

                           related to economic, social and environmental sustainability.
                           Over the past two years, there have been several job vacancies for the sustainability specialist positions, accounting

                           for roughly 70%  of Canada’s sustainability workforce. In the next 3 – 5 years, over 80% of sustainability consulting

                           firms expect to hire, creating about 400 new positions. A further 3,800 new jobs will be added to this number as

                           other sustainability employers increase their staff.

                         Who employs sustainability professionals?

                             About half of sustainability professionals are employed in private industry, while half are employed at government

                           and not-for-profit organizations. The top employers of sustainability professionals are governments (employing 27%

                           of sustainability professionals),  research institutions and not-for-profits (24%), large companies in manufacturing,

                           oil & gas, mining, forestry and utilities (10%) and businesses in retail, finance and insurance (10%).

                         How much is the average starting salary?

                             This question is a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing a career that is not only rewarding, but also

                           financially viable. Keeping in mind that salaries vary significantly depending on type of employer, experience level

                           and occupation, we developed salary estimates through a series of interviews with sustainability practitioners.

                             For those working as sustainability specialists, the mean starting salary was about $40,650, with a high-end starting

                            salary for more experienced workers at $50,700. Sustainability consultants typically started at a higher amount –

                            $55,760 which is the average base starting salary for this role.

                        Sustainability Training Workshops

                             Fundamentals of sustainability:

                              The course facilitates the development of cognitive, critical-thinking and systems-thinking skills based on an

                               interdisciplinary, problem-solving, Analytical and global approach to historical, philosophical/ethical, social,

                               political, economic, and environmental issues. Its purpose is to provide an integrated and holistic understanding

                               of the multitude and diversity of interconnections underlying local and global sustainability decision-making in

                               the public, private and civil society (NGOs) sectors.

                         Workshop duration:

                                  One day (6 hours)               

                          Course Registration

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                          Course price      

CAD $425 + HST